Thursday, July 17, 2003

Quel jour!

Who knows what motivates knitters. Yesterday has got to have been one of the muggiest days in the history of So Cal but we were swamped! Ann Mary had barely finished observing that most people seem to get out early, before the heat starts, when the first student arrived. She tries on her nearly completed project, which doesn't fit quite the way she had in mind.

During all this Ms Doom and Gloom arrives. She needs help picking up stitches around the armholes of her husband's vest. That translates as I pick up the stitches while she wrings her hands and bemoans the fact that she still has 31 skeins of this yarn. So that's underway.

Back to student number one and her dilemma. She wants the neckline to be narrower. So we get her started on undoing the bound off shoulders and ripping back to where the neckline starts. She's using Berroco Flax which is some of the most godawful yarn there is. It fuzzes like crazy and falls apart with almost no provocation. She's not having a good time and keeps going from one shoulder to the next and letting the ripped yarns get all tangled up. Making noises about how she's going to just chuck it all but then she's never been one to give up. Just ask her daughter. Anyway it's all a mess.

Then a lady with her granddaughter come in. They want to learn how to knit. She's brought an afghan kit that she wants to make and the seven year old child really wants to learn. I get the grandmother started on a gauge swatch, an alien concept, and cast on for the child. She does okay for a little while, so long as I'm there watching every stitch. Which I can't really do since I have student number one and D'n'G to keep checking on.

So then there's these two ladies who decided they need a sock knitting lesson. Not too bad since I've already worked with them before and they are comfortable with dpns. It's easy enough to just tell them what to do and keep working with the other students. Except they want to use their size 7 needles to work with sock yarn. Get them started over on some size 2. Just had to show them how to join the round and gave them an overview of the steps involved in making a sock. They'll be back in a week or so for the heel.

Did I mention how hot and muggy it is? Air conditioner just can't cope with the climate. Ann Mary is busy with the sales traffic, of which there was a lot. D'n'G has left but student number one is still ripping and trying to figure out what's happening. So I stop and go through her pattern with her, changing the numbers so she can reknit. (Man! I hope this works.)

The grandmother and child are about ready to leave. I've no idea if they'll be back or not. The sock knitters are having a good time just ribbing away. Check back with them to see if they have any questions. Nope.

So now everyone is gone except student number one. I've taken over the ripping so she can calm down a little. I try to straighten out her yarn but it's way too hot to deal with, so she's going home and have a rum on ice and then maybe it will be better. She's promised to be back on Friday.

I did get my current store project out and worked a couple of rows. I finished the back of the dress last night and am going to start the front before I go in today. Need to make the pocket linings first. Since I have no life I'll probably finish it tonight. And I did about an inch on the speckled socks.

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