Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Time well spent

Well, the walk to Michael's was good but the stock selection wasn't. I really wanted to buy something but there wasn't anything I really, really wanted. So I decided to wait until today when I knew I was going to Bishop's Yarn in Chatsworth. (I don't find a website for them.)

I'd been there once before at the end of February and remembered they had lots of goodies and at the lowest prices around. So Mendy and I drove up there this morning. It's about a forty five minute drive and we got there just as they were opening. Today is the shop owner's 85th birthday. They were having a 20% off sale on all regular priced yarn plus they have racks and racks of discounted yarns, some at cost. I don't know how much money changed hands but the discount on the regular price yarn was about $70. The sale runs through the 31st if you're able to get there. We're going to try to make another trip before then ourselves.

Then we had a most enjoyable lunch at Angeleno's. Wonderful pasta and lots of nice conversation. And now I'm home thinking about what I'm going to work on since I left my current project in Mendy's car. I guess I'll get started on the second speckled sock. Going to Joanne's tonight so I need something portable and simple.

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