Wednesday, August 31, 2005

For my next act

For my next act

Click here to see my next Skein project. I'm not making this up. Ann Mary wants to really push the western and gypsy look that she saw when she went to TNNA this past June.

I've thought and thought and can't come up one person that would actually make this, let alone wear it. But she's the boss.

The side panels are just K1,P1 ribs and the center is stocking stitch that you let ravel when you're all done.

I was planning to start when I got home but decided to finish the front of my Marissa project. Which I did, but not without a disaster at the end. I had everything set up via short rows for a three needle bind off. Well, I came up one stitch short on the bind off. When I went back to investigate I managed to drop another few stitches. So that was ripped and reknit. All is well for now but there's still another shoulder to go.

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