Monday, August 08, 2005

Summer socks

Summer socks

Monday, being the second day of my weekend, is going to be just as uneventful as yesterday. I spent most of yesterday dressed in an amazing display of skin. Digusting to contemplate but necessitated by the high humidity and heat combination. Today is supposed to be a couple of degrees cooler, but I've been misled before. I was tricked last week into thinking that summer was over so I've already put all the furniture back. I may have to move it again to be able to use my a/c.

Patrick, being the long haired cat that he is, does not like the heat all that much either. One thing about him though is that he will never throw up on the tile if he can do it on the carpet. Even though he gets regular dosages of anti-hairball treats he still manages to injest a lot more hair than his overheated system can handle. Ergo, we're keeping the paper towels handy.

So, what about the knitting? See this?

I spent several hours on Friday night trying to get a short row heel that looked at least decent. I'm pretty sure I get the process but I sure don't care for the final look. Way too big in the hole department. I'm using Pricilla Gibson-Roberts', or PGR as she is affectionately known, step-by-step instructions from her book Simple Socks. I even consulted Alison's excellent tutorial. So, you can see, I really tried. I think I just don't like the look of short row heels. Or maybe it doesn't look good on such small yarn. I'm going to try a wrap and turn technique the next time and see if I like the results any more.

After I ripped that heel for the fourth and final time,

I had this, plus the start of the second sock. (Always cast on for the second sock immediately to avoid bad luck.) I probably won't get this finished today. I'm not all that fast of a knitter, and I'll probably take several heat-induced naps.

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