Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Harder knitting

Harder knitting

I'm really getting busy at Skein. More and more I'm finding people want to move away from scarves and into more challenging projects. I saw a couple of Loop-d-loop designs today that one of my sometime students had knit. The colors and textures were wilder than the ones in Teva Durham's book. And I got my first up close and personal look at a Viking Raw Chicken Hat.

Other people are moving into sock knitting and even if they're still doing scarves they're tackling more challenging patterns, like the ones in Scarf Style. And cables are another big favorite. Projects with a longer turnaround seem to be more in demand.

I was too busy today to make any progress on the Marissa top but I managed a few rows tonight. Good thing we still have a couple of months of summer left.

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