Thursday, August 25, 2005

The long short day

The long short day

If it hadn't been for the accident on the corner outside of Skein (no one was injured) today would have been almost completely non-eventful. Only one student, and she really only needed a little reassurance. So I spent most of the day working on Marissa and got through the first thirty six row repeat. If it stays this slow I'll be able to finish by next week. Anyway, it was a long five hours.

I'm glad I had Thursday night knitting to look forward to. That was nice, as always. One person who hasn't been there in several months made an appearance and we're hoping for another of our missing persons to show up next week. I spent part of my evening helping Mendy get the stitches straightened out on her current project. It's an interesting cable pattern, full of errors that we've had to figure out, and it's finally making sense. But it's tricky to do.

My daughter, Lisa, is coming over tomorrow night to kick off her birthday weekend. Yeah, it's been a year already. I'm just about ready except I went to the store to get her card and forgot that's what I went for. But I did get the beer.

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