Saturday, August 27, 2005

Wrong! They got it wrong!

Wrong! They got it wrong!

Those guys over there at the weather forecasting place were way off. It never got to 100 or 101 yesterday. It was a paltry 96. Nothing to get too excited about. That probably explains why there were at least two people yesterday wearing jackets. But I, at least, got my part right. There were no students to divert me from working on the Marissa sweater.

The secret knitting project has been delivered. The photo was not usable. And, after all, it was another pair of socks. But they're cute. Lavender and pink stripes. Maybe Lisa will take a pic and send it to me.

I need at least one student today to make my self-inflicted quota. And Saturday is usually a good day for that. Students, I mean. There's half a pizza in my refrigerator and a bunch of empty beer bottles in my trash. Evidence of a fun evening celebrating Lisa's birthday. I hope I can stay awake. And can pay attention.

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