Monday, August 22, 2005

Better than nothing

Better than nothing

My current knitting project is a secret so I can't write about that. My car didn't have any problems this week. In fact it's running quite well right now. So there's nothing to write about there. And the weather is just about normal for this time of year. So that pretty much takes care of my usual topics.

I did have a very nice lunch today with my good friend Mendy. We went back to Houston's where the food is always excellent and the service is near perfect. Anyway, it was good to be able just to sit and catch up and toss some project ideas around.

The gardener was here today to replace the sprinkler line. Should have been a pretty straightforward operation. It ended up that they had to come in and clean out my kitchen faucet and replace the sink drain connection. I guess there is so much corrosion in the old pipes that whenever the water is turned off bits of rust and stuff collect in the water and when I turned on my faucet some of the gunk jammed the line. Everything that was under my sink is now up on the counter waiting until the cupboard dries out. Patrick is enjoying exploring that previously unknown space.

I'm just about finished with my secret project so maybe I'll have some knitting content later in the week.

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