Thursday, September 01, 2005

How can you tell?

How can you tell?

How can you tell that the knitting gods really do love you and want you to be happy? Well, one way is when you have to pick up 135 stitches evenly around a neck edge and it comes out perfect the first time. Or it's so close that it doesn't matter. Or maybe they were just looking the other way. Or maybe it's to make up for the bad time you had on the short row/three needle bind off the night before. Whatever. I'm done with the neckband on the Marissa. Even the bind off looks good. But no picture tonight. It is after midnight and all. But I'm so pleased with how it came out that I couldn't wait to at least write about it.

I got an email from Cafe Press that my Dulaan merchandise had shipped. I'm getting a tee shirt and the tote bag. I've been trying to get the Dulaan Project button to show up on my blog but I haven't quite figured out the code. Anyone using Blogger that knows how to do this? If so, please let me know. Ryan has been a big help in getting me started but she's not familiar with Blogger's inner workings. So I got most of the way with her advice but I need a little more help. Please.

It's been a very busy two days for me at Skein. I'm already past my "quota" for the week. But it was quiet tonight so I got to come home about an hour early. Otherwise I'd never have finished that neckband tonight.

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