Saturday, September 27, 2003

I found it!

I used to see bumper stickers with "I found it." hailing the driver's discovery of religion. Don't panic. That's not the "it" I'm talking about. I found the pattern for the poncho I plan to knit.

I should say was planning. All these years I've remembered that poncho as being designed by Lily Chin. It's not. It's Joan Vass, a really clever designer who specializes in construction details for her best stuff. So, okay, I can live with that.

I also remembered it as using Donegal Tweed, which it does. But what I have is Donegal Tweed Homespun. Who knew they weren't the same thing? And it works on a size 13, not a size 9.

So I have nine hanks of Homespun all wound ready to become something else. I'm going to see if the regular Donegal Tweed is still available or if there's something I can substitute. A poncho takes a lot of yardage so I doubt if I have anything in my stash that will be enough. Sigh! I guess I'll just have to buy something.

I did find another pattern, free online, that I like. You can see it here. So I may do that one instead. Or I could just make it up. Afterall, it's just a sweater from the top down, with no sleeves.

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