Friday, September 19, 2003

Jeudi gras

I never did go the the store closing sale at Forget Me Knot. I didn't need to. Look what Mendy brought me:

Six sets of DPNs plus enough sock yarn for seven pairs of socks. I'll probably use the Wildfoote for myself as it's conservative enough. The other colors are mostly going to be for Lisa and a pair for Mendy, if she'll tell me what size.

It was fine food day at Skein. A box of raspberry walnut rugula, a tin of chocolate cream filled pirouettes and a jar of Sunkist jellied candies, all from Mendy, and a box of the cutest cream cakes, from Vanille de Patisserie, supplied by Lina. (Lina is from Indonesia and has some horrifying stories about growing up Chinese in that culture.) These two ladies are rapidly becoming knitting mavens all on their own. They're both full of energy and good humor.

I had a new student yesterday. She already knew how to knit but needed some help with a Katia pattern she wanted to start. In their summer book there are a couple of patterns that have a diagonal hemline. You have to cast on additional stitches at the end of a purl row, before you turn the work, then turn the work and cast on additional stitches. This makes a more gradual line with only slightly noticeable steps. I had never done a cast on at the end of a row before turning the work. But I faked my way through it and think I figured it out. Making a reverse loop on the empty left hand needle is a little tricky. I ended up doing it on the right hand needle then transferring it to the left hand needle and then purling it. It's a lot easier to do than to write about. So now I can show Lina how to do it. She wants to make the other diagonal hemline sweater in the same book.

Time to get ready for Skein. Have an early appointment today so I'll be there in time for lunch. Yesterday we had turkey subs. Wonder what it'll be today. Maybe pizza. Or maybe chicken kabobs.

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