Thursday, September 25, 2003

More of the same

Not much happening here. It is getting a little busier at Skein though. I spent a large chunk of time working with a new knitter yesterday. She's been taking an adult ed knitting class at her local high school. All she's learned so far is the knit stitch and yarn over. She's making an afghan that is garter stitch worked diagonally. When she asked the instructor to show her how to purl she was told to wait until she finished the afghan and then they'd just see.

She really wants to get on with it so she bought a how-to book and taught herself to purl. She came in yesterday to show me and to see if she'd understood the directions properly. Which she had. Then she showed me the afghan she wants to make. She's ambitious, that's for sure.

So we spent the next two hours with PSSO, K2tog and cables. It was so much fun to see all the lights coming on as she "got" each new technique. Strange that she had such a hard time with the RS vs WS idea. Probably because she's never made a garment. But I think she will be very successful. Wonder if she'll bother going back to her adult ed class.

I worked on my current socks for most of the day. I did have a few short sessions with several of our regular customers. Just quick clarification stuff.

Working six days is beginning to get to me. I don't feel like knitting when I get home in the evening. But I made myself wind the rest of the Donegal Tweed for the poncho last night plus two additional skeins in another color way that will be used for a scarf. So now all I have to do is find that pattern. I hope it's in one of the Knitters magazines but it could be in Vogue. Maybe I'll find something I like better.

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