Saturday, September 20, 2003

It's axiomatic.

At Skein we almost always eat our lunch in the backroom. But occasionally, when it's deadly dull, Ann Mary will decide to have lunch "out front".

I've always maintained that that is a good way to get customers to come in. Happened again yesterday. All we have to do is start getting ready and someone will come in. Maybe we should try this throughout the day, especially when it's as quiet as it was yesterday.

Another rule of thumb is "when they do come they all come at once". This is generally true. We might have a few customers scattered throughout the day but the bulk of them all seem to come at one time.

Yesterday's bulk consisted of three people. No one for a couple of hours then these three all at the same time and then no one for another hour.

Do you get the idea that it was a long, slow day? Well, it was deader than the proverbial doornail. My eleven o'clock showed up at around five and only stayed a few minutes. She promised she'd be back on Sunday. I can hardly wait.

I did get about four inches done on a new sock. And am past the armhole on the back of my current shop project.

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