Friday, September 12, 2003

O L D Syndrome

I once worked with a guy who told me he was suffering from O L D syndrome. Took a while for me to catch on. But I think I'm getting it in the worst way. My hands are aching and my neck feels stiff. Not sleeping like I did when I was young and innocent. Do you want to hear about the foot cramps? Maybe it's all because of my current project though. That heavy cotton is really a pain. Making some progress. But by the time I've done ten or twelve rows I have to stop for a while and exercise my hands.

I'm still trying to decide which of the sweaters in the Verena Knits for Men I will make. And I have some serious language problems. I can muddle my way through patterns written in French or Spanish but German is just not part of what I know anything about. But through the miracle of the Blogiverse I will be getting some help from Maus. What a neat lady! Now I just have to choose.

It's Knit Out this weekend in Santa Monica. Skein will not be having a table there this time but we may go over early and look around before opening the shop at 1 o'clock. They're upped the price from free to $250. I hear there is only one shop signed up to participate.

And now I hear there's another yarn shop closing. Forget Me Knot in Bellflower is closing after years and years. Carol told me they had been there for something like 35 years, not always under the same owners. Their going out of business sale starts this coming Monday. Not sure if I'll be going. They have pretty nice yarn, mostly mid price range. And they carry lots of crochet supplies, and needlepoint. Seems a strange time to go out of business though with knitting being so hot right now and the holidays coming up. Maybe I'll just go and say goodbye.

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