Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Yesterday I asked for cooler weather. And I got it. Along with some dark, gloomy skies. I guess I should have given more detail. But it's really a relief.

I've been putting off using some Tahki Donegal Tweed that I have. As in years of putting off. I bought this on the spur of the moment one day at La Knitterie Parisienne. I'd more or less meant to make a poncho from it someday. It was there on the shelf just waiting. I've just needed the right motivation. So I'm going to do my first knit-a-long. I started winding the hanks yesterday. So far the yarn looks to be moth free. I'll find the pattern I've been thinking about all these years and get started sometime this week. You can go here to see who all is joining in.

I had forgotten the real color of this yarn. Kept thinking it was dark brown. It's actually a burnt orange with flecks of blue, green and gray. How nice that tweed's the thing for this year. Even the color is right.

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