Thursday, September 11, 2003

Another late post

I usually do my blog posts in the morning after I've worked my way through my daily reads, about two and a half hours. This morning, in addition to going to Skein early, there were so many posts that talked about the events of 9/11 that I was longer than usual in my reads.

What a day! How can I ever forget or even adjust to the new reality we all live with now. There's always the memory of how vulnerable we are no matter how hard the government may try. And then the memory of that day and the horror of the events and the changes wrought in so many lives. Lives of innocent people who were just going about their everyday business. Tomorrow is the opening day of the Los Angeles County Fair. My daughter, as part of her job, will be there with throngs of people. This frightens me no end. There is nothing to suggest there will be a problem but even so I pray for her safety even as I rely on the security system and the good will of all the others who will be there.

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