Friday, September 26, 2003

Found and not found

Judy from Brown Sheep was at the shop when I got there yesterday. She's the rep that covers the West Coast as well as being the sales manager for Brown Sheep. What a lovely lady. I don't meet many people who actually live in Nebraska. If they're all like her it must be a great place to live.

One of the things I learned from Judy is that the Wildfoote sock yarn makes wonderful lace scarves. She had a sample made from just one skein of the handpaint sock yarn. Worked on a size 6 US needle. A simple lace border and garter stitch in the middle. When it's washed, the yarn blooms just enough to give it substance. Ann Mary ordered a few skeins of their new colors. I can hardly wait. I may just go ahead with some of the current colorways we have on hand.

I still haven't found the poncho pattern. I went through several stacks of Knitters, Vogue and Sandra magazine last night. I have lots more stacks to go. It was hard to stay focused because I kept seeing things I want to make. As if! I did find some other poncho patterns but they're not right for the Donegal Tweed.

My oldest Vogue Knitting is from Fall 1984. What were we thinking? But there are a few things that are still worthwhile. I forgot. I also looked at some old Interweave Knits. I think those can safely go in the recycle bin. And the old Knitters are much better than the current ones, if you're a conservative traditionalist like me.

I don't subscribe to any knitting magazines anymore. There are enough potential projects in the stacks I already have. I even found sock patterns. I used to just skip over them but since I started knitting socks earlier this year I always check out patterns whenever I come across them. So here's a whole resource I didn't even know I had. Hidden treasure!

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