Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Yesterday was a little busier at Skein. Seemed like people just kept coming and going all day but nothing really big happened. It was tedious. I started a new project using a new faux metallic yarn from Berroco called Quest. The pattern is just two rectangles sewn together on the sides and shoulders. There's a slit opening in the front. So it's pretty mindless. The yarn is easy to knit although I find I split the yarn if I don't keep my eye on it. The pattern is from their new book My First Knitting Project (or something like that). I'd rather be knitting something a little more interesting but this is what Ann Mary says she needs right now.

I didn't do any knitting last night and haven't done any this morning. I stopped for dinner at Amigo's and read a little. I'm rereading The Birth of the Modern . I can't remember the author's name right now and the book is in my car. When I go to Amigo's they always find me a table with plenty of light so I can read. I came home and read my email and checked to see if I had any comments on my blog. Then I decided it was about time I responded to a wonderful email I received a few days ago. I'd been putting this off. So I spent a couple of hours writing about myself and my life. I had a lot of trepidation about sending it after I finished it. I'm glad I did.

So today I'm going in a little early to meet with a customer for whom I've written a pattern. (How formal is that?) She lives near the shop but can only come in when she has a doctor's appointment and has transportation provided by the County. She's not supposed to go anywhere but to the doctor's but manages to sneak in a few side trips. So I'm going to go through the pattern with her. She can always call me at the shop if she has any problems. Seems like a nice lady to whom life had not been all that kind.

I've looked at the new Knitty, finally. I haven't read it yet, just checked out the patterns. Sonnet is my favorite. And BPT (I think that's right) looks interesting. I like Rosedale well enough although it seems to be the big hit with most people. I'll have to study some more. Besides, I already have plenty of projects.

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