Wednesday, September 03, 2003

School's open!

I live less than a minute from a community college. I can see it from my balcony. I always forget about the traffic chaos that ensues when classes resume. I don't know if it's inadequate parking facilities or cheap drivers but on- street parking is at a premium, especially on my street. There's a one hour parking limit to try to control this but most folks just ignore it. The Pasadena Traffic Control people come by once in a while and hand out a few citations but that doesn't seem to have much effect. Anyway, one of the fun things about this is watching people try to parallel park. I have a good view from my kitchen window. Some people are pretty skilled while others will struggle for five minutes and still end up two feet from the curb. I watched one yesterday who couldn't manage even with two car lengths to work with. (Hey! you get your diversions where you can.) All this extra street activity makes getting out of my driveway a little risky. I have nothing against SUVs per se but they do block the view.

First day of the new schedule at Skein wasn't too bad. It was a little busy but not crazy. No students, though. But I was really tired when I got home so no knitting. I'm stuck between needing to finish some things and wanting to start some new ones. Neither is happening.

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