Saturday, September 06, 2003


Lisa came over last night and tried on the Interlacements top. It fits. I still think the armholes are a little low but she seemed okay with them so all I have to do now is a row of single crochet and it will be done. I noticed when I was doing the three needle bind off that the needles I've been using have turned a nice russet color. Hmmm. Guess I'll need to add some vinegar to the rinse. Wonder how much and what kind to use.

Blogger was down this morning so I couldn't open any of the blogspot blogs. Cut my reading time in half, at least. And I couldn't post. So it's Saturday night and I'm just about to go out to dinner. Still too hot to think about cooking. When I get home I'm going to study the new pattern magazine I got in the mail yesterday, Verena Knits for Men. I looked through it quickly and I don't think there's anything I can make as is. All the sweaters are very heavy and have massive turtlenecks. Not at all the kind of thing we need in Southern California. But the patterns are good looking and I can maybe revamp them. And it's all in German.

Skein was a little busy first thing this morning but the rush died down before lunch. The afternoon was pretty quiet. But Renee came in with Nicholas and I played with him for a while. I'll have to see if she can send me an updated photo. He's just the best!

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