Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Hoisted on his own petard

I'm not exactly sure what that phrase means. I've always assumed it meant something like being caught up in one's own misdeeds or literally being stabbed by one's own knife or sword. Well, how about being hoisted on one's own dpn? Yesterday I managed to stab myself in the arm with one of my size 1 dpns. Just a fluky thing really. I was just about to start a new segment of my current sock project when somehow the needle flew out of my hand. The needle ended up perpendicular for just a brief moment, just long enough for my arm to catch the point up and just enough force from my arm to cause the needle to jamb into my arm. It was far enough in to be able to just hang there. No real damage, just a couple of drops of blood. Ann Mary said, "Now I can see why they don't let those things on airplanes." That may be overstating it but I was surprised at how easily the point went in, and the needle didn't break.

I did finish the back of the cotton sweater I'm making for myself but didn't cast on for the front. I'll probably do that next, before I get ready to go to Skein. The weather has changed radically from last week. Much cooler and no sunshine. Too gloomy for photos. Maybe later in the week.

It's still slow at the shop. I've been taking socks to work on between students and customers as they're easy to stop and start. Yesterday there was so little going on that I got really fidgety and didn't want to work on the sock anymore. This was before the injury. So I helped Ann Mary put out some of the new fall yarns. First we had to clear some space so we pulled a lot of the more obviously summer yarns and put them in plastic bags to hibernate until the spring. We filled that space with some S.R. Kertzer yarns, Fizz and Multi-Fizz and their railroad yarn Kitty. And some Sari ribbon. Looks nice and it'll give me something to push over the next few weeks. I really like the Fizz and Multi-Fizz. They're basically eyelash yarns but they have a bigger core strand and are thereby easier to knit with. The eyelash part has more body so the yarn knits up fluffier. Makes a great scarf but also works well as a trim.

Well, time to take another stab at my ribbing cast on.

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