Thursday, May 29, 2003

Way over my head

Now I understand when a new knitter has trouble grasping a new technique. I'm having significant trouble getting everything to work on my DSL. It seems like one of the major problems is not having enough resources. So I've ordered some more memory which should be here next week. I can't open any links or comments on anyone's blog or from any site. So we'll see if more memory fixes that.

I don't like the SBC Yahoo home page so I'm thinking I will switch to another browser. I used to use Internet Explorer. Is there any reason I can't do this again? SBC Yahoo uses Netscape. Such a novice!

So I'll be unable to respond to comments or emails, actually not even read comments, that might be left on my blog. I have changed my contact address to my new email address. I seem to be able to read emails but just can't link to anything inside them. Does that make sense?

So I've spent most of today working on a new sock that I started in another of the Plymouth yarns. Haven't tried to take a picture since I don't think I could upload it. I finished the second Mexico sock. The pattern is still a little off near the toe. The real problem is they're supposed to fit a women's size 8. They fit me, size 11. Oh well, I like them and I may actually wear them this weekend.

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