Saturday, May 24, 2003


Finally, after much travail, I have finished the plain ol' stupid scarf. I tried to get a picture but it just doesn't look like anything. I have hated this scarf since the first stitch. I used Berroco's Mosaic FX, one of the "railroad" yarns that just about every yarn distributor has in its line these days. I think this yarn should only be used as a carry-along. It is stiff and crunchy. Great care must be taken not to pick up a strand from the stitches in the row below and thereby increase the number of stitches one has on one's needles. So now Ann Mary decides that we ought to have fringe afterall. So I'll try to get started on that while I'm at Skein today. I do not want this scarf to ever come home with me again. Ever!

A friend from another part of my life came to Skein late yesterday afternoon. He bought some Encore to give to his grandmother for her birthday. I was working with a student so I couldn't stop and visit right then but he waited until we closed so we could go to dinner. He said some very nice things about my teaching and my relationship with my student. That was good to hear. We went to a restaurant I'd been wanting to try, The Cajun Way, in Monrovia. Pretty good dinner but not over the top, as I'd heard. Afterwards we wandered the Friday Night Family Fest, a weekly street fair. Didn't see anything I particularly wanted but there were lots of people milling about. Lots of kids in stollers makes walking hazardous.

I have a couple of patterns to rewrite before I go to Skein this morning so I'd better get started.

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