Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Not much in the way of news around here. Still happily knitting away on the Mexico socks and fantasizing about the next pair. Had to spend part of yesterday talking to car insurance people. That left me feeling all fidgety and anxious so I didn't feel like sitting at home. Went to Skein to visit with Joanne instead of going to her house in the evening. I meant to come home and watch the Laker game but I forgot. It wasn't until I heard the neighbors yelling that I remembered. By that time it was too late.

Today started off very slowly at Skein, as in there was no one there. So Ann Mary and I were just settling in for a good afternoon of knitting when the crowd started to arrive. Another returning knitter (32 years) and then several more newish knitters came in for help. It was pretty exciting for a couple of hours. About the time we got through that it was time for the evening class. I don't teach that class but sometimes I stay to help out. My energy level was pretty depleted by this time so I was glad that the instructor said she didn't think she needed me to stay.

The sun just came out for the first time today. It's been very dark all day. The predicted rain never materialized.

See. I told you there wasn't much news.

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