Thursday, May 22, 2003

A different day

Today I start a new routine. Now that my bowling league is out of the way I am freed up to spend another afternoon at Skein. We're going to try this to see if it will stimulate a little more business on what is apparently the slowest of slow days. It will take a while to find out. There's another instructor who teaches in the morning on Thursday but it seems her class doesn't attract many people. Since I only teach drop-ins maybe people who can't commit to a regular, on-going class will take advantage of this additional time.

Had a fun-filled afternoon yesterday. Mendy, one of my newest, came in to check some gauge swatches and to try on her first finished sweater. What a delight! Did you ever meet someone that you had an instant bonding with? It's like that for me with Mendy. I was so tickled that her sweater came out so well and that it looked great on her. I have a couple of patterns that I'm rewriting for her. This is so much fun!

Let's see. What else is going on? I'm just at the point of working the heel on the second Mexico sock. And I really need to go to the market. Somehow jalapeno-cheese bread with peanut butter just doesn't work as breakfast. But it was fast!