Friday, May 30, 2003

Up and running, kind of

I haven't finished putting all my favorite blogs into my new bookmarks but I have quite a few there. So this morning I was able to go through, in less than an hour, what it used to take two hours to do. Of course, that's partly because I couldn't access comments or links on any of the blogs. But still it's a vast improvement over dial up. I'm so anxious to get the additional memory installed so things will get back to normal. Blogspot sites still take longer than others but even they open faster. Woo yay!

Years ago, when I was in the navy and living in Korea, it wasn't unusual to wait six weeks or more to get a package. That was just how it was and nobody complained. Having to wait a week for a memory board is driving me nuts. I suppose I could have gone to one the local PC Clubs and purchased what I needed but I'm not sure exactly what I need so I'm just going with the Gateway people. Like they're supposed to know what my computer needs, not me. So I'm waiting.

I got the kit for a modular knit purse yesterday. I am surprised at how fast it got here. I bought it on Sunday (they were out of stock at the weaving show) so they sent it to me. It's going to be fun to knit I think. I'm not going to start it until I finish the current pair of socks. There'll be pictures then.

Lisa came over yesterday and we went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Contempory Art to see the Laura Owens exhibit. I hadn't been to look at serious art for maybe ten years. What an experience! I've been out of the art scene for so long that I'm sure I missed a lot of the nuances and references in the paintings but they were awesome even so. Just going to an art museum was exciting. And driving in downtown LA.! (Well, actually Lisa drove.) It was sorta hicks in the city. When I was on jury duty a little over a year ago I had to drive downtown everyday but I always took the same route and didn't see much of the city. But everyday I got to see the new Frank Gehry designed Disney Hall being constructed at the Music Center. So I got to see it again yesterday. It's almost finished. It's pretty whimsical with all it's flashy, curvey, swirling shapes. We tried to drive around the block so Lisa could see it but in that traffic it was not possible. Anyway it was nice to do the art thing again but I don't think I really miss it.

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