Thursday, May 15, 2003

Over and done with
I guess I can put my Lakers t-shirt away until next year. I'm glad I didn't get to see the final game. Too sad!

And my bowling career has come to an end. Tonight was the last of that. Kinda sad in it's own way. I've been bowling with the same team for five or six years. The guys were very nice and said all the right things about how much they'd miss me and if I ever wanted to come back, etc. So what do you do with a bowling ball when you no longer need it?

Now that Kerstin has succumbed to the pressure to knit socks, is there anyone else out there holding out? I finished one each of the Mexico and Clown Stripes socks. I'm going to cast on for the second of one these, not sure which, as soon as I finish this entry. In my stash organization frenzy last week I put all the sock yarn away and the box it is in was on the bottom of the stack. Had to wait until I had enough stamina to move everything to get to it. (It's on top now.)
Of course, I still have the bag of stuff I bought on Monday. It hasn't made it's way to the stash as yet. But I decided I'd better finish these two pair first. Besides, if I wait too long I'll forget all the modifications I made along the way.

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