Thursday, May 08, 2003

Scarf knitting pays the rent. Yesterday at Skein was pretty slow. We did have a few batches of customers. It's really amazing how frequently we get these little rushes of shoppers all at one time, and then nothing for a hour or so. I think almost everyone was getting yarn for a new scarf or, in a couple of cases, for several.

I only had one student but she's a delight to be with. (Her mom is one of our regular customers.) She already knew how to knit and purl. So she's started right away on a baby sweater from one of the Debbie Bliss books. We're using this project to master cables. And how to read a pattern. Another of my students dropped in to show me her progress on an intarsia project she'd doing. I worked on the Mosaic scarf for as long as I could stand it and then cast on for another pair of Regia socks. Bought some size 1 Inox dpns in an 8" length to use with the Trekking yarn. I was concerned about breaking my bamboo needles as I'm having to really pull hard on the yarn to close up the ladders between the needles. And since I was already buying stuff I got some Brown Sheep sport weight (pink) and some Fortissima Colori (blue, white, turquoise) for some more socks. I'll get over this someday.

Finished the fourth Harry Potter book at about 2:30 this morning. I really need some more sleep but I have chores to do and I want to try out the new metal needles.

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