Monday, December 02, 2002

I haven't had much to say for the past few days. The truth is I haven't been feeling so hot. But I'm better.

It was extremely busy at Skein over the weekend. Pouring rain on Saturday did not deter very many people. Late afternoon it was practically party time. Lots of students and other favorites came in and sat around our two tables and just enjoyed themselves. It's really neat that so many have become good friends just from the accident of being in the same place at the same time. When someone hasn't shown up in a while, everyone starts asking where is so and so. A couple of people I'd been wondering about showed up this weekend. It's good to know they're all right.

I haven't been teaching many new knitters lately. Mostly I've been helping people with their patterns or showing them how to do some technical thing that they don't understand. And I've been spending more time selling. It's always exciting to see the new yarn/color combinations that people come up with. Wish I was having so much excitement in my own work.

I have some Berroco Celeste that I've been trying to turn into a scarf. I've ripped it at least three times. I wanted to add something to it to make it a little more exciting but haven't hit the right combination yet. It's a really pretty yarn with autumn color variations throughout. So I tried working it by itself. Not all that great. Meanwhile, I've started a new hat using the Naturally merino/possum yarn. I just don't like how this yarn works up. The current hat is going to be ripped. This yarn may become Christmas ribbon.

I finished the Nordic hat on Saturday. Showed it to Ann Mary. She was so excited. She didn't know I knew how to do fairisle. I am pretty pleased with it myself. I really liked doing the two color knitting. I'm still not very fast with my left hand but by the time I finished the hat I at least felt comfortable with the technique. I have another pattern lined up for after the holidays.

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