Monday, December 23, 2002

So close and yet so far! That is, Christmas is close and I'm so far from being ready. This has got to happen today! Lisa didn't give me any clues as to what she would like so it's not my fault if she doesn't like what I pick out. Some people are going to get IOUs, or projects on the needles.

I made cookies last night and am very pleased. Oatmeal/banana. Cookies are a lot of bother to make and they disappear so fast. I had five dozen when I started. I'm not sure how many are left but they look good in the glass jar I filled. I'm just going to tell the recepients that there was some settling during shipping. That ought to work.

We were very busy at Skein yesterday. People were happy and in a holiday mood, the good kind, not the crabby, I've got too much to do, kind. After we closed I sat for about an hour with Ann Mary and her husband, KC, and talked about the year and plans for the start of next year. I think we were all too tired to go home and pretty wired from all the activity. We have sold out of many of the most popular yarns.

I'll be at the shop again tomorrow. My friend Carole is coming in. Her birthday is on Christmas so I have to come up with a couple of things for her. I've had so many people thank me for my help. It really is a good feeling to know that I've made a difference.

Getting ready to go out, visualizing a parking space. The weather is nice and crisp. So off I go, humming Jingle Bells all the way.

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