Friday, December 27, 2002

Christmas, Day Three. Ann Mary and I were expecting the pace to slow after Christmas. We were so wrong! All day long, folks just can't get enough. I spent part of the day showing the husband of one of our customers how to make corrections in his own knitting. He seemed really excited about being able to do this himself instead of having to rely on his wife to do it for him. And I explained the physics of knitting and why edges curl sometimes.

I also have picked up two new students, both of whom claim not to have knitted for over forty years. They are both so excited, just like brand new knitters. One of them is becoming a grandmother for the first time. She's making a baby blanket. She has the sweetest smile as she sits there doing her garter stitch border. I can just imagine how she's dreaming of her first grandchild. The other one wanted to make a top down raglan from a pattern she had made before. That did not work out in the yarn she chose, which was a great relief to me. She got started knitting again because her daughter asked for some help with some socks she was knitting. It's fun having such wonderful customers.

Finished another dishcloth and started another. I still have lots of Kitchen cotton I want to use up. I also worked on my striped beanie. I think I've gotten the hang of the jogless jog. The third one looks pretty good. Since I'm going to be demonstrating this later today, that's a good thing.

Haven't had time to read all my new books. But I have looked at the pictures. I love new knitting books.

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