Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Christmas, Day Seven. A nice, pleasant trip to Forget Me Knot and a stop at Stitches in Time, both in Bellflower, neither have a website. I got four colors of DMC crochet thread and a size 7 hook. There are smaller sizes but this size looks pretty daunting to me. I didn't get any practice done but I did get started on the kufi. I got a nice comment from Deb explaining what it is and how it's worn. The pattern says they're very popular with teens. I'll have to watch and see if anyone is wearing these. While I was at Forget Me Knot I saw a milliners's hat blocking form. The lady at the counter told me she got it from a millinery supply house in LA. Have to check that out after the holidays.

The crowds of people in town for the Rose Parade have started to gather along Colorado Blvd. Streets and parking lots are filled with RVs and busses. People are saving spaces along the side walk using duct tape and patio chairs, whatever they can find. I'm getting ready to leave for my friend's house on the other side of LA. I will work at Skein today and then go directly there. Driving in Pasadena on this day becomes a high stress activity. I won't come home until tomorrow afternoon, after the game is started and all the crowds have left (leaving heaps of trash along the way). I get very cranky about this, as you can probably tell.

Looks like I will be ending the year with a cold. Judging from the way I feel now I may have to stay home and endure the noise from the boulevard. But maybe by this afternoon I will feel better. This year of blogging has been wonderful. I've "met" some terrific people and a few I've met in person. I love it when I find a new link to another knitter's site. So I hope you all have a great celebration today, doing whatever you like best, and a happy new year (and Ann Mary always adds prosperous, so that too).

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