Saturday, December 14, 2002

Getting ready for spring? Yesterday the rep for Rowan/Jaeger/S.Charles/Takhi came in to show the new yarns for spring. I was pretty busy with some students so didn't get in on the whole presentation. However, it seems that chartreuse, lime green and similar colors are still the big thing for the coming season.And orange continues to be popular. The new patterns from Jaeger are quite nice, a little more complex than what they've been showing this past year. Some intarsia, not complicated but still intarsia.

Ribbon is the very biggest thing going. Lots of really beautiful ribbon in everything from fine to fat. Most of it is multicolored either with the handpaint look or by the addition of another texture, little bits of color attached along the way. Most of these yarns are from S. Charles/Takhi/Filatura.

There were also several very fine yarns in silk/cotton from Jaeger and S. Charles. These are things that need to worked on small needles, 2s and 3s, US. So I think the move is away from the big, instant yarns. Overall the colors seems brighter and clearer. Ann Mary picked out a few things but is going to wait for TNNA next month before making her final selection. I'd like to go to TNNA this time but I'm staying behind to run the shop.

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