Thursday, December 12, 2002

Have been struggling with MSN all day. At first MSN 8 seemed like it was an improvement but that was an illusion. I'm getting a lot more disconnects than I ever did before and slow doesn't begin to describe what's going on. Someone over there must have dropped everything because frequently I get a message that they can't find a file. Couldn't even find Google today. Very irritating etc.

Started some holiday baking today. A new recipe for pumpkin bread. It's still cooling so I don't know how it came out, except that one loaf stuck to the pan. Guess that one's for me. I have some fresh persimmons that are just about ready so I'm going to make a persimmon cake next. Some folks don't like persimmons. Don't understand that.

Finished a couple more dishcloths and that's about it.

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