Saturday, December 07, 2002

Before I start all over let me just say that it really, really bugs me when Blogger eats my post before I've even had time to finish it. Where do these messages go? So, here's what I started to write:

Saturday night and I'm just finishing reading my daily blogs. Didn't have time to get them all in this morning because I slept in and there wasn't enough time before I had to be at Skein. Lisa came over last night. She was wearing an orange turtleneck sweater I made a year or so ago. I was very pleased, not only to see her wearing it, but at how well it has held up. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a pattern from one of the Classic Elite books, not sure which book and I don't want to go find it right now. Anyway, we went to Amigo's, a neighborhood Mexican restaurant that we like, and watched the amazing Lakers come back from a twenty point deficit and win. Very exciting!

Before we went to dinner we tried to get pictures on my blog. I must be missing something here. I've had some suggestions from Teresa and Joe but nothing seems to help. One of my students is a web designer and has offered to come by and show me how to do this. If I see her tomorrow I'll try to set up a time when we can do this. I really feel dumb!

It continues to be very busy at Skein. Mostly scarves and shawls. This morning I worked with four or five people pretty much simultaneously. Primarily pointing out the error of their ways. I finished the merino/possum hat between bouts. So glad to have that done. Tonight I'm going to try this lacy, star cloth that I found on Liz's blog. If it works out okay I think I'll make a stack of them for one of my friends, who has everything except handknitted dishcloths.

The bleachers for the Rose Parade are starting to go up all along Colorado Blvd. The Parade is always exciting and fun to watch, but not from my place just a few steps from the blvd. I usually leave town and come back after the Parade. Am always amazed at the amount of trash left behind.

I'm off to see if I have all the ingredients for some carrot bread.

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