Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Christmas, Day One. The big kick off! I'm just about ready to load the presents in my car and head out to spend Christmas morning with Lisa and her Mom. I didn't have enough boxes or holiday bags for everything so I just used an assortment of paper shopping bags, whatever I had. I even used some wine bags. I kind of like this idea. But I did have plenty of Christmasy tissue paper to line the bags with.

I spent Christmas Eve wrapping gifts and making Applesauce Raisin bread. Listened to lots of Christmas music and marked the beginning of Christmas Day knitting another dishcloth. Didn't finish but I'll take it with me to work on between gifts this morning. During the day I worked at Skein. One of our customers was a young woman whom I had taught to knit years ago when she was about nine years old. I didn't recognize her but I did recognize her mother. She used to work in an antiques shops that was across from Mariposa, a now defunct yarn shop, that I worked in about ten or twelve years ago. Kinda neat!

All is well. Just one more time... Merry Christmas to all!

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