Sunday, December 22, 2002

Lots of celebrating and not much knitting going on. I'm trying to finish just a couple more hats for some friends that I'm having dessert with tomorrow night. And I have only one day to do my shopping. That will have to happen tomorrow or it won't happen at all. I sure hope I get some inspiration between now and then because I surely don't know what to get as of right now.

Ann Mary and KC gave me a Christmas bonus as well as a gift certificate and a case of wine. Imagine! All this and I get to spend my days with all that yarn and all those knitters. Life is good!

The carolers from the church on the corner came by a couple of nights ago. They sounded like the were having a really good time. I could have done without the Jingle Bells. And someone was a little flat. But it was still a warm and fuzzy moment. Thanks, guys!

Gotta get ready to go out with friends for brunch. Run around, run around, it's no wonder I'm not ready.

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