Monday, December 30, 2002

Christmas, Day Six. Ah, Monday. My day off, so to speak. Yesterday was another madhouse at Skein. Stayed about an hour after the shop closed to help one of our really good (read, spends a lot) customers with her cable disaster. I guess I just assume that people in certain professions are bright and above average intelligence, doctors and lawyers for example. This is just not true, at least when it comes to knitting. Anyway, we fixed the problem and I explained how she should be checking her stitch count on every row, and the logic of the pattern. She was impressed and I felt good as I had her rip a lot of rows, just because I have the power. One of my lawyer students needs a refresher course about once a week. But she's very funny about it so I love her anyway.

Today I'm going to Forget Me Knot in Bellflower. This is one of the few yarn shops that is open on Monday. This will be my last yarn shop hop of the year. I'm working tomorrow so won't have another chance until sometime next year. (So it's a little corny. It's only a joke!) Anyway, my friend Carole and I will go check out their crochet supplies. They have the only large selection I've seen of cotton crochet thread. I have this craving to learn to crochet and Carole knows how to do this. I sort of know but I want to get better at it.

Have you taken the Fantastic Fiber Voyage yet? Go over to Alison's and see what's happening in Boston. And there's another whole day tomorrow. I think it must be very nice to live in Boston. I wonder if they have double decker busses.

It looks like Lily Chin has slipped some in popularity. I haven't seen one awestruck reference to her in over a week. The newest idol would appear to be Sally Melville. (If you don't know what I'm talking about you probably aren't subscribed to the Knit U list.) Anyway, I like the Melville book, The Knit Stitch, much more than I liked than I liked the Urban Knitter, or whatever that drivel was called.

Do you know what a kufi is? I'm getting ready to make one and the instructions just tell you to work the body until it's as long as you like and then start shaping the top. Well, how long should a kufi be, for chrissake? And how do you wear it? Comments gratefully accepted.

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