Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Staceyjoy has some more new hats. She continues to amaze me, not only with her creativity but with her productivity.

I'm still trying to finish up some silly dishcloths and have only managed to get five done. I need at least one more. So that's what I'm up to today. I bought some of the new Method Dish Soap, cucumber fragrance, that someone recommended in a blog last week. (Sorry, can't remember who.) So I'm putting that with the dishcloths.

Yesterday I wrote, somewhat flippantly, about the rain here in Pasadena. I didn't realize how bad it had been in other parts of the city and the state. Ellen commented on how bad it was on her side of town. And then I read the news. Lots of flooding and really horrible traffic. So I'm really grateful that we didn't experience that here. And I hope no one thought I was being too glib.

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