Monday, May 01, 2006

Wanna see a big pile of incomplete projects? I didn't think so. I do have several things that are almost done though. One mitten plus the ribbing for the second one; the knitting is done of the blue poncho, just need to fringe it; the baby sweater is half done but I've decided to wait until after the baby is born to give it to the mom; the magenta sweater is almost to the armhole bind off for the front; there are still a few hats in progress for the Dulaan project; a pair of socks. Nothing else is active enough to be included in this list.

Saturday was really busy at Skein. AM was out of town for the weekend so her son came in to help. Mostly that means someone to run the register as he knows very, very little about knitting or the merchandise. The other instructor came in to help also. She was supposed to take care of the salesfloor while I worked with students. That didn't work out as planned. Mostly she sat at one end of my teaching table and worked on her own knitting. Or, in my view, took up a chair that I could have used for another student.

It didn't get busy until close to noon, right after Stephen asked, "Where are all your students?" Eight people came in practically one after the other and most of them were there for the duration. And that doesn't count the ones who came in just for a visit or a quick "touch up". Two brand new knitters plus two that are just into their first projects. The rest were working on stuff that was more complex than a garter stitch scarf.

I don't really mind when I have a lot of people all at once. But trying to answer customer and "sales force" questions makes me a bit stressed. At one point I just stopped and did some paperwork to give my brain a chance to refocus. At the end of the day it really felt like I'd had more than eight students. I came home and worked on some stalled socks until my hand hurt too much to keep going.

I pretty much took yesterday off from knitting. Today was Dulaan knitting day. So I knit a bit more but had to take a lot of breaks. I'll probably do some tonight, after I finish the laundry.

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