Friday, May 26, 2006

Another day, another sock. I am at a point on the Tipsy Knitter sock that requires I be able to totally focus on what I'm doing. So I didn't work on it last night. Instead I started this Opal 6-fach sock using some yarn that a friend gave me for Christmas. It's a much heavier yarn that I'm used to using for socks. I haven't quite decided if I like the gauge or not. I'm using size 6 US dpns, which the yarn calls for, but I think it's too loose. I'll probably start over on 4s.

We didn't have Thursday night knitting. Mendy's husband was rushed to the hospital. He'd been having some chest pains. His doctor called the paramedics. At present it looks like they, the doctors et al., will be performing a bunch of tests. I hope to hear more sometime today but I know there will be one more test tomorrow so he won't be released until at least then.

I went to another friend's house to sit with her and Mendy's poodle. I took the Tipsy Knitter sock to show it off, and started the Opal sock. I waited until Mendy came home so I could spend some time with her. She says she's fine but I'm not so sure myself.

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