Saturday, May 27, 2006

Generally there aren't many blog posts on the weekend. Kinda like the news on the radio. Maybe there's something in the blogging protocols about this. I don't know.

But I wanted to let you all know what's happening with Mendy's husband. He's home and doing fine. The battery of tests did not reveal anything having to do with his heart. His doctor, a self-confessed conservative practitioner, must have felt that it's better to not take chances. We're all relieved, of course, and are hoping that there's no reoccurence. So the crunch is over but there will be lots of follow-up.

I'm almost finished with the shop sample sock, thanks to another slow day in the classroom. The Tipsy Knitter socks are progressing. I'm doing the gusset decreases now. Had a bit of a problem getting the lace pattern re-established on the instep either because I wasn't paying close enough attention or I misread the original instructions on how to set up the heel flap. So I don't know if I'm doing what the designer intended. But it looks like the picture.

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