Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Next on line!

Next on line!

This year I'm doing my best to shop only on line. And I'm determined that everything will be ordered by the end of today. Shopping on line is kind of like going to Wal-Mart. You can get there, you can see the store but there's no parking anywhere.
Mind you, I've never actually been to a Wal-Mart, except maybe once when I was in Idaho visiting my brother and he wanted to go. I think that was a Wal-Mart. I hear it's a zoo over there most of the time and right now it's like a zoo except the animals are all out wandering around.

My first attempt was at Eddie Bauer's. Everything on my list was already sold out, two days ago, or the color was no longer available. I got a new list and went there and it was fine. Last night I tried the Amazon thing. I could order but they couldn't process so I have to go back there today and see if they've figured out their problem. And then there was one more site. It wasn't working properly so I couldn't select size or color. I called this morning and talked to an actual person and she assured me that everything I wanted was in stock and would ship tomorrow. So, with the exception of Amazon, I'm done.

There is, of course, the knitting that's going on. I finished the chulo but still have to steam it or soak it to stop those earflaps from curling. And I spent some time on a secret project and then some time on another hat. Found a mistake six inches back on the scarf I'm working on at Skein. It was easier to rip than to drop down and pick up. Picking up cable rows is not all that much fun.

It's way slower this year than last year at the shop. I'm hearing the same thing from other knit shop owners. So it's not just us. I only had three students yesterday and I stayed late to help one of them. Because I like her and she has a really cute baby and doesn't often get a chance to knit.

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