Monday, November 14, 2005

Mondays are the best!

Mondays are the best!

Ah! Monday! My day off from Skein. And this one doesn't include anything like chores. Just going shopping, again. This time with one of my students who has been knitting for almost a year but has never visited a couple of the yarn shops in our general area. So we're going to Stitch in Time (that'll be three weeks in a row for me) and then out to Montclair to check out Phebie's NeedleArt. I haven't been there in several months so it'll be fun to see what's new out there. Phebie was in the class I took from Annie Modesitt a few weeks ago. Anyway. They carry a lot of the same things that everyone else does but they also have stuff I don't see anywhere else. And they have beads. My friend will enjoy that part.

My daughter, Lisa, was over this weekend so I was able to get the measurement I needed before I could continue with the Cocoon jacket. I still haven't checked but I think I'm close to being all right to put in the waste yarn for the armholes. I've been stricken with the urge to knit some socks so I've been doing that for the past couple of days. No picture yet. I think the yarn I'm using is a little stiff but maybe it will soften when I wash the socks. Besides, they're specifically for Christmastime so it won't matter that they're not the softest socks in the world. Well, that's my theory. I'm also working on a Skein project and finishing up another way-too-long scarf for another friend. What can I say? She likes them that way.

Speaking of Skein. I was swamped yesterday. We're only open for three hours. I maxed out within five minutes of opening. I had several people who will come back another time. There are only so many chairs you can fit around the table. I had a couple of people sitting at the front end of the store, up where we have the pattern catalogs, that were also trying to get some help so I kept rotating between the tables. It was hectic but we got through it and I have some pocket money for today's shopping.

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