Thursday, November 10, 2005

I got nothing

I got nothing

Spent an hour on the phone with some guy named Brian in New Delhi this morning. I think I got most of what he said. Anyway the connection problems I was having seemed to be fixed. Of course I had to download something that used up even more of my limited space availability. I really have to go get some more memory.

Well, it was cold and rainy yesterday. One would have thought there would be all kinds of people thinking about knitting. One would have been wrong. It was a slow day, until the evening people started showing up for classes. Then I got busy and had a problem keeping everyone going. It amazes me that some people can just get how to make a knit stitch so quickly while others can totally blank out on the sequence. I had one of the latter last night. That took way more time than I usually have to spend supervising each move. I think, I hope I'm right, that she finally got it. If she comes back today I'll know it didn't stick. But there were others who just make it all worthwhile.

Another newish knitter who knits in what Annie Modesitt calls Eastern combined. I guess it's time to re-read Confessions of a Knitting Heretic. I get the basics but some of the changes that you have to make elude me. And then there was the woman who practically defied me to teach her to knit because she's left handed. That could be interesting. We'll see if she comes back for a class.

Anyway. The "I got nothing" means I didn't get to do any knitting at all. Well, a few rows of stockinette but that doesn't really count.

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