Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's never too early

It's never too early

See my new Ott Light? It's an early Christmas present from Renee and Mendy, both of whom I taught to knit and are also members of the Thursday night knitting group. I'm not sure if Renee knew that Mendy was going to give me the light before Christmas, well this much before Christmas, but Mendy couldn't wait. She's like that. But I'm really pleased to add this to my list of things that make knitting even more enjoyable. It's never too early for Christmas.

I think I might be losing my grip. I went to two yarn shops yesterday and did not buy anything. Not even any dpns, my usual standby. I was tempted by some Noro Silk Garden while we were at Phebie's Needle Art but, as my friend pointed out, that's not enough to make a multi-directional scarf, at least not as wide and long as I like them. And it was too much for a hat. So I put it back. I think having a car payment, something I haven't had in fifteen years, may be causing me to over-react.

Besides, I have plenty of yarn. This sock, for example, is being made from some yarn that another friend gave me last year. It's a gorgeous red superwash wool. I have lots of it. I'm going to rip this sock and return the yarn to stash. It looks okay in the picture but it's really not working out very well. I've already ripped it once and gone down a needle size. It still looks disproportionate. And I do think it's going to be too stiff to be comfortable to wear. It's never too late to rip out a project.

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