Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Making hats

Making hats

Do you ever get a hankering to just make something? Or obsess over one particular kind of thing? I get this craziness sometimes. It was socks for a while. Then it was scarves. Right now it's hats.

I'm just about done with the chulo, just need to finish the last few inches of single crochet around the ear flaps. And I've started another stocking cap using some Brown Sheep worsted leftovers. (Had to buy some more to finish.) Yesterday morning, before I went yarn shopping, I cast on for another hat. I finished it last night. I think it took maybe six hours in all from start to finish. And now I'm trying to decide which yarn to use next. I'm not posting a picture yet because this hat may go in the stack of knitting things that are going to be gifts but I don't know for whom just yet. The hat was supposed to be for me but it's a little on the tight side.

So, about the yarn sale yesterday. I bought a lot of yarn. Most of it is for hats. Two skeins here, three there, and some onesies. I didn't get any sock yarn. I already have every color and pattern that they had. I did get some Euroflax to try, enough for a sleeveless top. And five hanks of Mango Moon Wooly in a green and yellow colorway that might become a vest. Still haven't used the five skeins of orange that I got last year at the same sale. There's another sale this coming weekend at another of the local shops. Fortunately I'll be working and won't be able to go.

I'm off to find my hat books. I know they're here somewhere. Meanwhile, I'm just casting on 64 stitches on size 6mm and knitting round and round.