Thursday, February 26, 2004

We had rain! That should be RAIN!. I don't know how many hours it kept up but it was a long time, six or seven hours non-stop. That may not be much to people living in Seattle or Florida but this just doesn't happen in So Cal. Well, not often anyway. I was all set to write last night but I couldn't get SBCYahoo to let me in. I finally managed to check my email a little before midnight. And things are pretty water logged this morning. Several sites seem to have been washed completely away. And anyone using Typepad has had their page completely refigured. Or I think that's what caused the sudden disarray. And everything was loading much slower than I've come to expect.

So, since I couldn't work on the computer last night I sat and finished the first of the Denim Socks. Will try to get started on the second one today while I'm at Skein. I do have a couple of sock knittings beginners coming in so that seems like appropriate. And tonight is our Knit Together. I'll work on the red shawl.

The concert on Tuesday was an adventure. I took the new Gold Line downtown and met my friend at Union Station. The train ride was nice and easy. I just work myself up into a frenzy when I have to try something new. So I was crazy by the time I actually got on the train. But all went well. We heard the Calder Quartet, a new string quartet of recent USC graduates. And there was Mozart and Mendelsohn. Much more traditional music than we usually hear. Not a brilliant performance but still very nice.