Saturday, February 21, 2004


For the second day in a row I've made it through reading all the dailies without my computer freezing up. I don't know why it does this but I suspect is has something to do with my browzer. Is that possible? My DSL connection is via SBCYahoo. This freezing up problem is a fairly new phenomenon but it's making me crazy.

We had rain and hail yesterday. It came down so hard that car alarms were set off in the parking lot next door. Foothill Blvd. was filled from side to side in a matter of minutes. It was very exciting and I'm glad I was safely inside. The cars, but mostly the trucks, driving past the shop were making huge splashes that looked for all the world like a speedboat race. And all the rain brought out the crowds. We were swamped. It's supposed to continue raining for the next few days. Wish I could stay home and mind my own knitting.

Instead I'm teaching socks today. And one brand new knitter is supposed to come in for a class. Who knows what else will happen? I picked up the gusset stitches on my current sock project while I was at Skein yesterday. That's all I could get done but I got to the foot last night. So I'm not going to finish this pair before the week is out. I'm still on the first sock. Oh well. It was an arbitrary deadline anyway.

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