Sunday, February 15, 2004

Post-birthday post

Well, it was certainly a busy week. Started on Saturday night with dinner at Taix, a pseudo-French restaurant in Downtown LA that is celebrating its 75th year, with friends Bill and Ed. Sunday was dinner with Lisa at Fuji. On Monday Mendy took me yarn shop hopping with lunch at Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach. Tuesday Ann Mary and KC took me to Foo Sheng for classic Chinese. Wednesday was a bye. Thursday was the knitting get together at Mendy's, and Friday dinner at Fanara's with one of my students and her husband. Last night I stayed home and played with the cat and finished the first sock of the pair I'm making for Mendy.

I was supposed to go to dinner at Robert's tonight but he had to cancel due to a family event. There's one more event to go but it's not until the end of the month.

I've been pretty busy at Skein as well. I have a couple of brand new knitters plus some returnees. I've been working with a couple of ladies who want to make socks for everyone on their Christmas list. It's a good thing they're starting early. And I've made quite a bit of progress on the new shawl.

Up there in the top photo you can see not only my first attempts at weaving but also the flowers Anita brought me for my birthday and the rock engraved "Thank You". There's also the candles from my cake and the card Mendy made. You can't read the fine print but it says that The Ladies Who Knit have combined to provide me with room and board at the Knitters' Retreat next November. Thanks Anita, Carol, Lammia, Mendy, Rena and Renee. What a great bunch!

And the sock. It's one of the yarns I got at Velona's. I thought I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish so I picked up another skein when I was there last Monday. Actually I had about five inches left so I'm planning to return the extra skein when I go back there tomorrow. I sure hope the second skein I bought originally will have at least the same yardage as the first one.

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